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Secret Care Cafe

Everyday seemed like nothing was changing. Go into your cubicle, put in numbers to the sheets, prepare presentations, hope for bonus every quarter. Only to see your manager get all the credit for your work. Was it your fate to spend the rest of your days at the same place, being just an insignificant pawn in your own life? No!

You've had enough! With the help of your loyal girlfriend Cynthia, you took a loan, left your old workplace behind and opened a Maid Cafe! Cynthia and two of her good friends become maids that will help you with everyday struggles!

What kind of cafe will you have? It's up to you!

You can be the owner of a cafe where your customers will feel at home, have pleasant conversations with the maids and drink coffee in peace, while you learn more about your maids. If you spent enough time with them, they even might develop a romantic interest in you.

Or you can go with the naughtier option for your cafe. If you buy a special items in the shop and give them to your maids, you can order them to take special care of the clients. Ask them to meet with clients after work to know them better, help them with their issues or even serve them in a sexy way. That can even provide your maids with special benefits and unlock special interactions in the cafe with said clients.


Clients coming to your cafe will ask for their preferred drinks and dishes. Your job is to stock up on the items a day before while during the day you assign to each client a maid, preferably the one they like the most, and prepare the orders, while the maids entertain the guests, making them order more than they could ever eat or drink. Getting more and more tips for you is their specialty.

After each work day it's time to prepare for the next day. You can choose to spent time with your girlfriend to deepen the relationship or you can learn more about your new colleagues. If maids gain enough information from the client, you can look through client's book to learn more about guest's preferences and special abilities. Remember to stock up on the items and if you have some cash laying around, why not buy some special items for your new friends or for the cafe?

While talking with your maids you can encounter some sweet scenes, where you learn more about them, maybe a funny event where something stupid and cliche happens. But if your maids get lewd and your relationship with them is deep enough, scenes can get more and more risky and sexy.

Instead of talking with your favorite maid, you can ask them to meet up with clients, learning more about them. But if maids are lewd enough there will be a moment during the meeting with the client where maids will ask you how far should they go with a client. It's all up to you.

Your actions and decisions have an impact.

After you'll get comfortable with basics of the game, you'll unlock new maids for your cafe and special rooms where there are new ways for you and your maids to improve and serve the clients. Keep your cafe clean and your maids rested to avoid Bad Endings.

Random events might trigger after each day of work. This makes sure you will get different experience everyday.  

Game has both NSFW (not safe for work) and SFW (safe for work) mode. Thanks to that option, if you are not interested in lewd content or if you just aren't in the mood right now, you don't have to worry about it popping out on you. SFW mode has some scenes changed but most of nsfw events just doesn't show up while SFW is turned on.

Hunt for specific events to fully fill the CG gallery by encountering them during gameplay! Buy and earn new skins for your cafe and maids!


Game is updated every week on Patreon! Public releases are published at later dates.

Please consider supporting me on PATREON. You can also visit our community on  Discord and help me get rid of the bugs or be a part of a creative process for the game. There you can post your ideas for the game, events and changes! I look at all of them and consider carefully each one of your ideas!

See you soon!

Rare Alex

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Updated 16 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Anime, Dating Sim, Eroge, harem, Hentai, Management, NSFW, ntr
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Download and unpack 7z file (with 7z) or zip file (with Zip or Winrar), then double click Exe file.


Secret Care Cafe MAC 0.5.7 Experimental Public.app.zip 1 GB
Secret Care Cafe 0.7.39 Public.7z 2 GB
Secret Care Cafe 0.7.39 Public.zip 2 GB

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Does the breakroom have any benefit to leveling up or is it just bugged at the moment? Mine is currently at 25/70 and it says the rate is still the same of 1% ever 4.8s, same thing it said at level 1.

Also, the Gallery could really use a hint system. After 60 in-game days I only have a handful of scenes (Excluding the Triangle Pin ones) I haven't seen with the girls but I haven't a clue how to get them and keep getting ones I've already seen. I can't tell if it's just RNG, if it's stat based or what.


If I remember correctly, there is a hint system that you can unlock.

Ooh, that's good to know. Thanks for the tip!

(1 edit)

As nightowl said, you have to buy Magnifying lens in the shop and tips will unlock for events and in the gallery. 

Levels of rooms will be disabled soon and replaced my upgrades.

How can i see the secomd and third event with the military twins?


In the first one you have to agree for Rai to meet them. Do look into requirements (by buying Magnifying lens in the shop) in the client menu or look up the requirements you might not fileld in gallery.


Specific question: first of allá i want to Say that this is a verte good Game with a lot of content ando now is one of My favorites of this style but i want to ask about the abilities pictures, is there any specific way to unluck pictures from lower levels i mean i am level 4 in one ability but i dont have previous pictures yet, can i do something specific? Or is just randomly?

Just random I think

It's just random, you still get them if you use the skill, even if its beyond level. You might look into gallery descriptions for more info regarding specific CGS (also remember to buy Magnifying lense in the shop for tips).

Im starting to think macs are never gonna get an update

Hey there,

So I successfully updated the MAC build to current version but to the point of previous Mac build, what I mean, it's still might need starting from MAC terminal. BUT! I did get some help directly from GameMakerStudio2 Developer and some pointers regarding that. I will need to spent some more time on it, figure out what's wrong and maybe then we will finally have a full and working for everyone mac build.

Look out at patch notes for updates.


For some reason the mac version of the game can't be opened, anyone know what might be the problem?

You might try to start it from Terminal. But I'm working on solution so hopefully there won't be issues like that soon.

Any plans for Linux version? 


The game runs very good using Wine :) If you’re interested, you can install Lutris on your system, and add a locally installed game through the “+” in the top left. Then select the Wine runner, type in the game name and under “Game options”, just set the executable and working directory where you’ve unzipped the game on your disk :)

Hmm, had never heard of Lutris before.  I just googled it and now I’m interested.  I will try this out tonight.  Thank You. 

Bottles is another option, Essentially Lutris, but with an individual sandbox for each app. Personally, I just run it using wine staging and DXVK. Runs as good/better than it does on Windows if you use vulkan, but it still runs really well via OpenGL


Ich liebe dieses Spiel es ist großartig bitte machen sie weiter sie sind großartig


Do you have plans to eventually make bad NTR endings where the girls actually get stolen away or prefer other dudes over Sergil, or keep the kind of relaxed sharing attitude for future updates? I like both, but it plays a huge part in the tone of course. 

There will be few different endings based on your decisions through the game and gameplay. I won't spoil them, but I will just say, decisions matter, each has its own variable tracking that.

It runs through Joyplay? Or some other way for Android?

when we will see another maid or even new costumers? or ame's client's? at least one of them pls!!

Hey. thanks for asking!
New maid after few of Ame's nsfw events (with main cast and clients). Ame's client events quite soon. New costumes this month before Halloween.


OHHH!!! now I can look forward for that


Any plans for The Android Version?


Android version will be made after final release.

Deleted 59 days ago

Hey, I'm sorry for the issue.
I'll look into that, but could you tell me how much RAM do you have?

Deleted 59 days ago

Nevermind, issue was solved in most recent version


Thanks for letting me know! I'm glad it resolved itself!


I can't open with mac m1


Soon I should be able to create new Mac build with a lot more content than current version.
Sorry for the issue.



didn't know if it happened just to me, but i can't see my money when i open the items shop, loved the game btw


cool update, loved the new look with emilia's shop, looking forward for some more interaction with her <3

I have a problem, I almost complete my gallary but in the next morning everything is gone like it never happened but my save file is still there and playable, also the inspector that should come never came. I'm playing the game like 5 days with 0% cleanliness but not a single soul came! can it only trigger once? oh btw it's in the 7.31 below. But one thing for sure, I love your game!

Hey there, thank you! I''m glad you enjoy it!
Sorry for the issue. That's the first time I hear about bug like that. Could it be that your gallery save file was overwritten but not the gameplay save file?


maybe that's the case after I download the newer version the file got lost or something like that, but anyway I'll just repeat it again while keeping my old file. thanks for noticing me ♥❤


Looks awesome, waiting for android 🙏❤️


its been multiple updates already where is the mac update


I should get new Mac in September, then I'll update the Mac build.


Can we play this on Android with Joiplay?


As far as I know, it doesn't work, but you can try.
I will release the android version in the future.


How many different girls are there?  Only 3?


At the start of the game, there are 3 main girls, your maids.
Currently in the game there is also a 4th girl you can unlock as your maid (there will be few more).

There are also other female characters that are side characters.


Love the game so far!

I'm so confused on what the girls' stats do though. I'm not sure if I just missed it or what, but is there anywhere I can find an explanation of what the stats do? e.g. charm, appearance, popularity


Girls statistics unlock ability to buy new upgrades for them in the upgrade menu. Also there are taken into account by other abilities, both client's abilities and other maid abilities. You can find all info about it when you unlock abilities info of clients and in upgrade menu!
There will be full fledged tutorial in the future that will tell you that in more detail at the start of the game.


Awesome work Alex. Really love the game so far with its inclusivity with different types of playstyle and also the fun events in the game. I just wanted to ask, is there no way to progress Ame to Secret Lover in version 0.7.27? I have her favour way higher than Rai and Cookie when I triggered their scenes for it. I'm on day 57 at the time of writing. Perhaps I just haven't progressed enough. 


Hey, right now she doesn't have event that allows that, but soon! I'm glad you enjoy the game!


Mac Update when?


Hopefully soon, I'm currently looking into getting a new Mac so the builds can be created again, and hopefully, now without extra crashes on Mac.

any update on this as at the moment it wont even launch on mac

Yes, I should get new Mac in September, then I'll update the Mac build.


Game crashed as soon as I activated full screen

Huh, first time I hear that. What windows do you use?
Sorry for the issue.

Windows 10. No biggie tho I just decided not to press that button again and played the game fine.


i love how you make the ntr content she acts a lot like my girlfriend


I would first like to say that I enjoy playing the game despite the small flaws it has. and despite what I might recommend I have NO experience making games, so if these ideas don't work or cant work then I understand. also these ideas might not work with each other either, I'm just spitballing things that (In my opinion) might help you in this game or others you might work on :)

This game is good, and I like the idea. however, I personally think it might work better as an idle-esk game. but that's just my opinion.

The Menu is a little confusing to begin with. maybe it would be smoother if it was split across before service and after service.

(E.g. before/after service chat with the staff. being only able to buy items/food after service.)

A day and week system might be a good idea as well. weekend have more customers, maybe you can throw a party or event on certain days.

Again I have NO experience making games, but I thought i'd share my thoughts because I'm excited to see more from this game and other games like this that are actually worth playing.

Keep up the good work :)


if i date with the other girls, will my girlfriend breaks up with me??

In current available events Cynthia doesn't fully find out you are dating others.

One of the characters mentioned saving some money because of the load repayments. Has this been implemented in game? Will I get a bill at some point? Or is there a figure that I need to repay somehow by a certain date?


Wasn't implemented yet. I'll add it a little later after I'll adjust early game money generation and figure out the best way of handling the dept etc.

*goes on a spending spree*

(1 edit)

I have a few comments wish to improve?

First a bug report, the scene replayer is rigger when full screen almost cannot watch at all

Unify the units and the word we use (look or charm) and is it tired +1 or+1%

Then, I don't like when you make use given number the UI is literally chopped in half...

Deleted 38 days ago

Hey there, not yet. After the final release!

how can i avoid bad ending #1? :((((((((

Hey there, if you play the day without skipping the counter resets to 0 and next few days you can skip if you want.
Another thing is that if you saw the ending #1 you can go to extras in title menu and turn off the counter for her.
Thanks for checking out the game! :D

the mac version wont launch at all it just says the file is broken

(1 edit)

Do you have a Mac with an M1 processor? I am not the dev or anything but I can tell you from experience the vast majority of games with an M1 processor don't work. M1 is a very powerful chip but very few games support it. I know there is some kind of workaround but results vary.

Specifically non apple or mainstream games.

thanks for clarifying might  just get an vm for windows as many other programs have this issue


game doesnt start when i run the exe. it just slows my computer down.

(1 edit)

Yes I have the same problem.

Does this not use the same downloading method as the other games?? Because when I opened the .zip file, the file structure looked so different than the ones I'm used to.

(1 edit)

Yup, most nsfw games are made either in RPGM engine, one of Visual Novel engines or Unity engine. I'm using GMS2.
Just download new build and you can delete the old one, saves are saved in applocale (not at zip location).

(1 edit)
Instead of talking with your favorite maid, you can ask them to meet up with clients, learning more about them. But if maids are lewd enough there will be a moment during the meeting with the client where maids will ask you how far should they go with a client. It's all up to you.

That means I can avoid the gangbang scene on 3 of the pics on this page, right??
Just trying to make sure. I hate gangbangs, NTRs and any other things that involve the girls in MC's harem with another man (or creature).

(1 edit)

Yup. If you are avoiding NTR (not giving Triangle Pin to girls) you are blocking all NTR and all GangBang content (no NSFW interactions with any client).

(1 edit)

Glad to know, but is it possible to disable it in the gallery as well? I managed to get the best score when the cleric appeared and it didn’t show in story, (didn’t use the pin) but when I checked the gallery the ntr scene appeared. I know I’m just making a fuss, sorry for the the bother, just wanted to point that out.


Hm, it's a bug, if you didnt see it, that shouldn't appear. I'll fix it, thank for letting me know!


Thank you very much for the response! I just removed the cg from my saves haha, just caught me off guard. Thank you for your hard work!


Storyline progress??Waiting for Android release🙂


Hey man do you plan on bringing this game to android?

Hey, yes I do plan to bring it to android but after the final release. Right now this would require a lot of work the make it work there.

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